My Ultimate Spring Cleaning Practices

It’s that time of the year again

*Cue the labored groans of house moms and dads everywhere*

Spring cleaning almost (almost) takes all the excitement and wonder out of the sunny weather and blooming flowers that this new season brings. Still, a fresh start has so many benefits, especially this time of year. We’ve moved into not only the second quarter of the calendar year but also the start of a new Astrological year. That’s right, even the Universe is perfectly aligned for you to finally clean out your garden shed. But your physical environment is not the only thing to focus on this time of the year: an emotional and spiritual spring clean is just as important.

Come again?

You heard me right! Your emotional and spiritual state are so important to your overall well-being and yet they are often so neglected by most people. I think it’s just one of those things that tends to slip past our radar. One of those things most people don’t think about on a daily basis like they do with say, the mess in their kitchen.

I’m here to be the bearer of bad news: messes can accumulate in your emotional, mental, financial, intimate and spiritual spaces too. This will start to make sense for most people when they really think about it. All of these aspects of your life are pivotal to creating balance. Unfortunately, as important as they are, they can be mucked up so easily.

Okay, now the good news: it is so easy to clean up messes.

My Spring Cleaning Components

So I know I listed a bunch of different parts of life up but don’t worry, you won’t have to tackle all of that. Truly just cleansing three areas of your life will make a huge difference. Believe it or not, every singular corner of your life is directly influenced and directly influences every other piece of your life.

  • Spending time on your emotional well-being will affect your intimacy — think: sexuality, relationships, closeness.
  • Working on your spiritual power will have an effect on your mental strength.
  • Improving your physical environment will almost always influence your financial habits.

So with that in mind, I created a Spring Cleaning practice for myself that is simple but still all-encompassing.



1. Physical Cleanse

This is the most common and most obvious component of a Spring Cleaning. No matter how good you are at keeping up with your daily chores throughout the year, clutter happens. Things pile up in corners or closets and it’s so easy to ignore them. There are so many benefits from taking some time out, just once a year, to really go through everything.

De-cluttering can increase productivity. First your energy levels will naturally rise while you’re completing your cleaning project. Then moving forward, being in an organized space can increase your likelihood to achieve goals.

BTW: My Minimalist Soul has a ton of resources on de-cluttering like this post, this challenge, and a really great printable all about making your physical space work for you.

Completing a good scrub-down of your living space is also really good for your health. Wiping down surfaces once a week is simply not enough to get rid of all the allergens and bacteria hiding around your home. Especially now that Spring is bringing in a whole fresh wave of environmental changes. Tip: Seasonal changes alone are a good reason to complete a full physical cleanse at the start of every new quarter.

Actively working to improve your physical environment can also lead to reduced stress and anxiety among so many other long-term positive effects. I have always found it incredibly hard to move forward when I’m stuck in the mess of the past.

2. Emotional Cleanse

Life is so fast-paced. Next meal, next project, next work day, next relationship. How often do you actually take the time to fully close out one chapter before starting the next? I know I’m not always the best at doing this. What happens then is that you are leaving pieces of yourself behind. All of these previous moments still have a hold on you which never allows your full self to be present in this moment, as opposed to living in the past or future. That is why completing an emotional cleanse is so important.

The easiest and most natural first steps are practicing mindful breathing and meditation. High emotions come from a flow of energy, so learning to reign in your energies and use them in a productive and positive way is key. Centering your mind will pull it away from the thick of emotions, so that you can calmly analyze the causes and effects of your emotions.

You can also try writing a letter to yourself. This is one of the oldest yet most effective forms of letting go. Regardless of how you choose to tackle your emotional burdens, the act of intentionally working on your emotional well-being will begin to take some of the weight off. There are other ways to achieve this too, and it’s important you find what is right for you. Everybody experiences and deals with emotions differently.

3. Spiritual Cleanse

This last piece is where you might find yourself questioning these “woo woo” cleansing methods, but bear with me. Your spirit is the power center of your being. All aspects of your life are affected by your spiritual health. Still, it is so neglected by the majority of people. I like to think of the spirit as the yin-yang headquarters — that is, the center of all energy power, positive and negative.

Most of the practices that I employ during a spiritual cleansing are ritualistic. No, you don’t have to sacrifice a live animal or cast a spell. These are simply exercises that carry very intentional meanings.

If you’re feeling weighed down by negative energy, you could take a bath. Bath salts are a very traditional cleansing method, and it can be so therapeutic to watch all of the negative muck in your life run down the drain.

If you often feel spiritual pressure closing in on you, you could cleanse your home by burning sage. This releases negative ions which actually purifies the air, creating room for spiritual growth and positive energy.

If you experience anxiety, another great practice would be grounding yourself. This is a method of recognizing your surroundings, your inner spirit, and your energy living together in one moment. This can include connecting with your physical surroundings through your five senses, or energizing your spirit to the Universe and Earth by guiding energy to flow through your chakras.

Your Ultimate Spring Clean

At the end of all the studies, methods, and opinions about how to create a well-balanced life, it comes down to what works for you. There are benefits to almost every kind of cleaning practice you can find, but you ultimately need to feel connected to both the activity and the end results.

What will your Spring Clean consist of? Are there any other areas of life that you feel compelled to dust out?


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